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Давайте поговорим о мезальянсах

Киану Ривза с женой в последние дни не пинал только ленивый. Почему-то людям кажется, что красивейший...
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Забей текст в гугл, и будет тебе подпись...
Нах эти копипасты
Нах эти копипасты
А как иначе кого-то цитировать? Пальчиками вручную?...
А это точно он цитировал?
Да. Источник дельный.
За базар ответишь!?
I cannot be part of a world where men dress their wives as prostitutes by showing everything that should be cherished. Where there is no concept of honour and dignity, and one can only rely on those when they say “I promise” . Where women do not want children, and men don’t want a family. Where the suckers believe themselves to be successful behind the wheel of their fathers` cars, and a father who has a little bit of power is trying to prove to you that you’re a nobody. Where people falsely declare that they believe in God with a shot of alcohol in their hand, and the lack of any understanding of their religion. Where the concept of jealousy is considered shameful, and modesty is a disadvantage. Where people forgot about love, but simply looking for the best partner. Where people repair every rustle of their car, not sparing any money nor time, and themselves , they look so poor that only an expensive car can hide it. Where the boys waste their parents money in nightclubs, aping under the primitive sounds, and girls fall in love with them for this. Where men and women are no longer ago identifiable and where all this together is called freedom of choice, but for those who choose a different path-get branded as retarded despots. I choose my path, but it’s a pity that I did not find similar understanding in the people among whom I wished to find it most of all …
Он тролль. Просто забей на него
Мля, по русски не судьба было написать?
Это я то тролль? В зеркало глянь.
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