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One Function & SOME1 - Delirium

One Function & SOME1

One Function & SOME1 - Delirium, released on 07.10.2019. by IONO Music - INM1DIGI452
Out next on Iono-Music we have a much-anticipated collaboration between two top artists of progressive psy-trance – One Function & Some1 with their new track 'Delirium'. 'Delirium' is a breath of fresh air with a militant beat, minimal drive and grinding bassline succinctly layered with off the wall vocals, electro sounding lines, epic pads and penetrating blasts which all combine to bring a fantastically frenzied disorientation of delightfulness. With the production quality second to none, this track is a bomb that will blast you into delirious oblivion!

Сообщество: Great music box
Канал: Trance
94 0 10 0

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трансуха 🔥. даже 3 🔥🔥🔥
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